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3 A.M. Reserve


  • WOW-  3,000,000 scoville units >>>> 3a.m. Reserve takes the classic 2 a.m. one step further. Perhaps The Finest Chilihead Gift In the World

3 a.m. Reserve is 75 ML of the hottest and I mean the hottest thing I ever made...

I will make only a very limited # of these Hand Signed Skulled Little Bastards and like my other Reserve Products they will increase in value in the coming years... You will never look at 3 a.m. the same... Hand made waxed finish with Skull in the center.

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3 a.m. Reserve is not a sauce, it's an ingredient and is too hot to rate. If you're interested in buying this product, read the instructions below to fill out the disclaimer form mail it to address below or scan signed disclaimer and e-mail to us. You cannot receive this product without signing and returning the disclaimer.

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