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Mega Death Sauce
  • Unreal Heat is blended with Molasses. It may fool the mouth in its deceiving heat. Of course as the sweat pours off your brow, you know MEGA DEATH was there just as you thought it couldn't get hotter. Just when you thought it was enough. For you my friends, here it is.......My latest creation.

    Ingredients: Habaneros, Cayenne, Ancho, Extracts in the Millions of Scoville Units, plus the unique taste of Fresh Ginger, Molasses, and Guava Nectar, Wrapped up in a HOLOGRAPHIC LABELED Bottle.

    Very Simply BEYOND the HOTTEST.............. Feel Alive

    NOW 30% HOTTER!

    Check out our Mega Death Sauce recipes

    $14.95 per bottle | Order Mega Death Sauce

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